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Our Products...

Since our origins we have manufactured all sorts of tires including in some cases the supplying of the pneumatic tires.

In this section, we include a list of some of the vehicles and/or equipment which we have made tires for of which we have technical information and plans. In the list we include the wheels of more habitual use in Argentina, since it would be very wide and difficult to include all the manufactured wheels.

According to the requirement of the customers the material of construction and the certification of the same can be selected. In the cases where it is asked we perform mechanic, chemical and metallographic essays, in certified laboratories, of the parts which need it.

We permanently work to improve and keeps the quality of our products and in this way they are guaranteed for 3 years.

Our Service

With our services our customers have an integral coverage respect to its wheels.

The main aim, is that the responsibly falls on us.

All type of reparation and alterations are mode in order to reduce the costs. So it gets the maximum performance of each product, before being replaced.

The tasks of reparation have a guarantee of 2 (Two) years against failures of the same.

List of products



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