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Our History...

The birth of the enterprise dates back to 1961, when it began to laud service to Prati S.A., leader at that moment and owner of the self-powered terminals.

In 1964 Jorge O. Stamparin and sons consolidates as a factory of wheels. Since its foundation special emphasis was put on the quality of its products and satisfaction of the customers, the versatility to manufacture all kinds of wheels made that it enters to the market quickly.

Jorge O. Stamparin and the sons supplies wheels to self-powered terminals, manufactures of farming and road machinery, and to the main companies of transport.

The staff and equipment of the enterprise make possible that the special task and / or patterns are done naturally.

We are always trying to exceed the expectations of our customers, Jorge O. Stamparin and sons looks for the continuous improvement as many for products as for processes of production considering that the only way of leading and remain in a market, is progress constantly.

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